Part 1: Water

Water: Our most precious natural resource

“We” the developed world use too much water. Human awareness on water issues has to change. Northern Europe has more than its fair share of rain and its struggling more and more every year to meet its supply requirements.

It would be interesting to know the figure on how many Governments and Public sector buildings around the world have taken the leap themselves in water saving. If Governments want to run our lives I think they firstly need to become “modern” role models for a world to follow them.

When your rainwater pump goes down and you have to opt for the bucket, water suddenly becomes so visual you start to think about every litre used.

So while we waited for the new part to arrive it woke us up to how much fresh water you literally throw straight down the toilet. We would struggle to use water like we did before. Rainwater harvesting is just the beginning. Domestic Grey water recycling now has to be taken seriously to help reduce water greed. We have easily reduced our water usage by 50% by means of Rainwater harvesting. By incorporating natural Grey water Recycling into the next house design I reckon we could get that figure down to 75-80%.

Air wells, radiative collectors, active collectors

Structures and devices that collect water by promoting the condensation of moisture from air. Click on the links to read further

Air well condenser – *great read*

rexresearch – airwells

watercone – water on the base of condensation by solar still.

dew harvesting

fog collectors – Sustainable Water Solutions



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