Production Coordinator

After Qualifying in “92”as an Architectural Technician i left the British building industry and went on world travel.  This somehow ended up taking me to Cannes, France during the famous Cannes Film Festival. For the next 12 years plus i worked as a Production / Project Coordinator for a British communication company. I was hired to employ capable individuals working to extreme deadlines. Consistently putting together successful teams of reprobates to get the job done for the exhibition and festival industry. As hard and tiring the industry is, it brings together great team players and is an enjoyment to be part off.

Production Coordinator

Planning and controlling the production processes to ensure smooth operations and maintain an efficient production process with a work force that can readily adapt to new equipment and schedules. Responsible for realizing the visions of the design team knowledge of all production disciplines including a understanding of the interaction of these disciplines during the production process.

Project coordinator

Expected to meet strict deadlines with resource restraints. Solve or meet the requirements and needs of the business, depending on the communication needs of the project. Planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives, while honouring the project constraints.

The following is a reportage of past assignments carried out working within the production field.

Production Management

British Pavilion – Cannes Film Festival 04

Century Club Pavilion – Cannes Film Festival 05

St Georges Pavilion – Cannes Film Festival 06

Variety Magazine Pavilion – Cannes Film Festival 05, 06, 07

The Hollywood Reporter Magazine – Cannes Film Festival 08

Estee Lauder Terrace – Tax Free World Exhibition. Cannes 05, 06, 07

MAC Cosmetics launch party – Tax Free World Exhibition. Cannes 07

Top Rank – Sportel. Monaco 06, 07

Production Coordinator

NBC Universal – Mipcom / Miptv.Cannes, Lionsgate – Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes,  Alfred Haber– Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes

Carsey Werner – Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes, Southern Star – Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes, DIC entertainment – Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes

US independents – Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes, Variety Magazine – Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes, Media Market Place – Mipcom / Miptv.

Harmony Gold – Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes, ID distributions – Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes, Granada television banner – Mipcom/TV

Zodiak Televiosion – Mipcom / Miptv. Cannes, Echo Bridge – Mipcom / Miptv Cannes / Cannes Film Festival

Critical Path – GSM Barcelona, Kineto – GSM Barcelona, Mobile Streams – GSM Barcelona, Motorola – GSM Barcelona

Packet Video –  GSM Barcelona, Palm – GSM Barcelona, Ubiquity – GSM Barcelona

Celona – TWE 06, Getty Images – Meribel, France, FOX Sports – Sportel. Monaco, Alfred Haber – Sportel. Monaco

Jonny Walker – Monaco Grand Prix, Royal Bank of Scotland – Monaco Grand Prix

Shock records – Midem. Cannes, Victory records – Midem. Cannes

AMAN Resorts – International Luxury Travel Market. Cannes, Conrad Hotels – International Luxury Travel Market. Cannes

Preferred Hotel Group – International Luxury Travel Market. Cannes, Visit Britain – International Luxury Travel Market. Cannes


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