Flat Pack House: Low Energy Style i

low energy family house style i.

The concept was a spin-off idea while working on the “orient chapple” (flat pack style O)It was designed specifically for a narrow piece of land on a tight budget and for being developed in a more built-up area. It was important the concept sat comfortably in its surrounding, creating a spacious design that is heavily biased towards barefoot leisure time around the property, a small oasis in a town quietly hidden back from the road.

south elevation

We wanted the workshop, office and a spare bedroom to be positioned separately from the main house offering a quiet or loud for that matter area. So splitting the house design in two gave us that sound buffer from the road whilst creating a shaded terrace in privacy between the two parts.

proposed floor plans

The South elevation (garden side) offers plenty of natural daylight whilst being shaded overhead by the large cantilevered roof design. I wanted views to the garden to run full length on this elevation dissolving the boundary in the distance behind a wall of selected bushes, shrubs and small trees so helping towards the sites human senses.

proposed west elevation

The west elevation is the setting for the exterior Japanese Ofuro bath on the terrace over looking the natural pond for that perfect summer evening sun-set, hidden away in the quietist location of the design. Like the low energy house in Germany the sounds and view of the pond are overlooked and open able to the living room and bathroom.


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