Concept For a Green Community: The Design

Concept for a green community:

Top obligation for the green community project would firstly be to achieve a 100% renewable energy supply. The design itself would drain such a low amount of energy that the produced bulk of its electricity would be transferred to the national grid, giving the advantages of supplying more energy than it requires and so offering the community with its own private 15 year investment plan. Working firstly with “passive design” we can reduce the sites energy desires at the conception stage and forecast accurately calculate energy required vs. the energy produced.

Passive design: To achieve this objective I worked with a mixture of earth rammed structural walls combined with light laminated timber frame beams tied into a two layer summer/winter buffer compartmented glazed area shaded by a thin vertical larch open able facade to the lake view.

Backbone of the design: Rammed earth structures utilize locally available materials. Setting up an earth mover to the centre of the lake would supply the material for a giant in situ earth rammed curved wall constructed to the outer ring of the project, minimal to the environmental impact and generating very little waste. The materials mass allows the building to “breathe”, avoiding condensation issues without significant heat loss and offering stunning “time lapse” performance figures from the materials natural make-up.

Roof design: 70% Extensive Sedum carpet green roof systems: Ecological alternative to large conventional surfaces so contributing to lowering the summer radiant heat temperature to the local site. 30% Metal finish to the insulated garage roof tops merge into the green roofs so offering an area of non-soil contaminated rainwater supply for the rain harvesting system.

The site: By means of an in-depth site study we can precisely arrange the site to take full advantage of the solar calendar, which would include collecting data with regards to solar radiation, solar orientation, local wind directions, monthly temperatures and so on.  From this collected data we manipulate the usage of the yearly seasons to our advantage. A ring of deciduous trees would encase the project but only by carefully planning. The planting scheme would help shade the site only where needed but not to interfere with the sites air -flow and shadowing of the solar farm. Grass paving system to the parking outer ring pass ways, solar farm zone, community hall’s exterior, site slopes and banks. Clay inter locking blocks to the main outer ring service road fitted with storm water drains complete with oil catch filters and channel piping directed to the grey water reed bed irrigation zone.

Artificial lake: Shallow to edging 1m – 5m at the deepest part of trench. Gentle run off created to beach area. Naturally landscaped edge. Aquatic plant management plans for stabilising the lakes ecosystem yet still offering areas for swimming, boating and fishing to segregated areas.


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