January: This Months Interesting Reads

Solar power from the Sahara is one step closer. Click on the links to read further

desertec – the foundation

concentrating solar power explained

In the news last month “guardian.co.uk” the German-led Desertec initiative believes it can deliver power to Europe as early as 2015. The report says that in 20 years, solar power could provide the same amount of electricity as 72 coal-fired power stations. This is enough to supply 100 million people. The study found that concentrated solar power could account for up to 25% of the world’s energy needs by 2050.

The solar technology involved is known as concentrated solar power (CSP) uses mirrors to concentrate the sun’s rays on a fluid container. The super-heated liquid then drives turbines to generate electricity. So the future could be (CPV) concentration photovoltaic. Already we have Low concentration CPV with a solar concentration of 2-100 suns power through to (HCPV) high concentration photovoltaic achieving the power of 200 and more. In May 2008, IBM demonstrated a prototype CPV using computer chip cooling techniques to achieve an energy density of 2300 suns.


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