The German Pavilion

The German Pavilion @World Expo, Shanghai.

Not really sure what job title I earned for this one. I guess it could have been Project management, Site manager, could even have been Production manager, whatever the job description was I had a lot of fun with great people.

Nussli Germany was aware of the special attention needed to oversee the quality and detail of the exterior works and it would require a full-time Manager to keep the production on time.

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The exterior team was put together of 8 German’s, 24 Chinese ,2 translators and myself. If I was to include the lighting crew, meshing crew, box planting crew, scaffolding crew and paving crew then this figure would have grown to over 100.

It was a tight 10-week project and it had to run like clockwork. The job had to finish on time regardless of what weather was thrown at us. We worked through Rain, Sleet, sometimes Snow…..there we were thinking Shanghai was tropical.


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