The solar chimney

With the new Zero Energy House finally going in for planning meant that the hundreds of hours researching possible green technologies to incorporate into the design have been reviewed, researched, priced and filed. For one reason or another most technologies researched wont make it to the new house design but this one did. The solar chimney.

The use of a solar chimney may benefit natural ventilation and passive cooling strategies of the building and so helping reduce energy uses, CO2 emissions and pollution in general.
Introducing a solar chimney to our design benefits from the stack effect with natural cool air being pulled through the building, something that before was only thought possible in the West by means of Air-conditioning / Mechanical extracts.

With this design feature now in place does mean that the bulk of electricity we produce through our photovoltaic panels will contribute in reducing drastically the houses zero energy figures.

Anyway, came across this while i was researching solar chimneys. Here’s a Solar tower. Works on the same principals using the stack effect to create a constant flow of air so powerful it can spin turbines night and day.


2 thoughts on “The solar chimney

  1. Hello Nick,

    As for solar chimney and more I got it in my house, built in 1989; against all odds.
    Designed as a solar plus house, neighbours … tree(s) still block tooooo much sun.
    So we proposed it for use in Israel … BTW we are just a village away from you, too.

    Best Regards


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