Summer 2011

I’ve got so much catching up to do but!……….Make hay while the sun shines

Nick Chapple Bike Blog

You don’t have time with the Orange Blood to be riding up. She can do it and bloody well but this bike has turned me into a vertical park junky. I’m now forcing myself back into a bit of single tracking before i lose all the power in my legs from purely up lifting.

Its been fun but as Autumn and Winter draw in its time to put her away and get fit again riding singletrack.


2 thoughts on “Summer 2011

  1. Nice pictures! If you’re looking for some winter downhill/freeride action then Finale Liguria in Italy is real sweet, they run uplifts all year round. You should check it out if you’ve not already done so. Happy riding 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. My Winter days use to be in Chamonix, France. to busy these days to take all winter off to ride. But you never know 😉 enjoy life.

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