London Olympics 2012. Coca Cola Beat Box.

I’ve realised that if i’ve got any chance of uploading everything that i’ve been up to in the last year i better be brief with the posts i put up on my wordpress blog. To much on my plate at the moment that i will be posting up shortly.

Construction Manager: Coca Cola Pavilion. London Olympics 2012.

Nussli Group back in October 2011 put me forward to join a team to create the innovative Coca‑Cola Beat Box pavilion at the  2012 London Olympic Games. The designers of the Pavilion Pernilla & Asif are critically acclaimed the up-and-coming architects. Their winning design enabled people to ‘play’ the Pavilion through interacting with sounds embedded within the architecture of the building.

For the next 8 months a team of construction professionals, architects, engineers, health & safety, sustainability officers, rope access professionals, fabricators and fitters to name just a few worked around the clock to achieve a safe project under exceptionally difficult circumstances due to a very complicated, time sensitive & incredibly tight construction programme. The team produced a “From drawing board to completion” project in 8 months. It was a hugh honor to have been part of.

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