2012 Orange Patriot vs 2003 Orange Patriot

To be honest a selection of pretty pictures is about as far as we got with the 2003 vs 2012 patriots.  We spent more time tweaking up the old 2003 to try and give it at least a fighting chance against the new. Both were handed over to Mechanic/Rider to test ride and play with set ups. I guess the good news was we never got the results onto paper. Perfect sign we had to much fun playing with them. We did however get in plenty of beer fueled workshop sessions, a summer riding and some worthy trips to the Alps. I’m sure the Patriot test will continue this year.


What with Alex now teaming up with me on NCR bikes means we are now gonna get more involved in the bike world. We got a little workshop which will be ready for March and what with wanting to do more with suspension setup & tuning + get involved more in the German bike scene at events works fine with me. It’s something Alex and I have wanted to put together for a long time.

It does mean however that the bike blogs will stop on the nickchapple.wordpress blog but the good news is we have got enough going on to set up a new blog solely for the bike world. I will post up the new NCR blog address here soon when we get everything up and running.


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