Updated: House Plan T: Zero Balanced Energy House.

What with just finishing and filing away the house plan T file i thought it would be a perfect time to upload part of it onto wordpress. There’s been so much detail to include into the site plan layout. 5 months later its naturally found its form.

House plan T moved on from a working prototype models like the: flat pack low energy house plan O and house plan I  and managed to get off the drawing board and into construction.

The last design making it to reality was the low energy house  project in Germany which gave us the great opportunity to play and experiment with a complete landscaped project. This time we continued with our theme of breaking the barriers from the outside to in, Integrating playful flowing organic shapes from the outdoors into the houses interior foot print.


landscaped pump track


This was a much tighter and complex site plan to work with. The bullet points below are the priority features that made it from a list as long as your arm.

  • Extensive vegetative roof. Sedum carpet to ground floor flat roof.
  • Pump track. (figure 8) with a twist.
  • Bike workshop
  • Natural pond
  • Wooden terrace areas: shaded and exposed
  • 4 cubic m log store
  • Parking. porous surface
  • Alpine rock gardens
  • Shaded lawn
  • Sunny lawn
  • Herb garden
  • Gravel porous pot plant garden
  • Vegetable patch
  • Tree, shrubs and flowers planting scheme
  • Provence gravel courtyard
  • Japanese bathing area and changing room
  • 4000 ltr rain water tank
  • BBQ area. porous surface
  • Tool shed & bins storage


zero balanced energy design


Its still way to early to to post online performance figures for the house, however below is an 8 page selection of the full 32 page document we prepared for the planning department and building construction drawings for the building industry.

Please take a look through the slide show


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


House design plan T is closing in on completion now. Just waiting on the weather to improve now so we can continue with the long awaited works to the houses exterior wood facade and the hugh south elevation sliding shutters. Then finally its garden time.


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