A New Years message with a little European flair feels appropriate for 2014.

Traditional timber frame barn
As most would have worked out I have been working with modern timber frame prototypes for the passed 10 years. 
The knowledge I have gained from this took me from a Low Energy House (KfW-Effizienzhaus 55. EnEV 2009) I designed through to today’s carbon light home which achieved the German Energy Standard for a KfW-40 Haus (EnEV). Our Prototype fell well within the standard, actually achieving a performance of 31 kWh/(m2) year. To put this into perspective the UK’s current average figure for energy efficiency today stands at 150 kWh/(m2) year.
Up until now I have kept a strict line between our two favoured Architectural genres of energy efficient housing and that of historical timber frame buildings.
From this year on I’m going to take everything I learnt and amalgamate that knowledge into one.
I will then take that consciousness and investigate further into European requirements for energy efficiency and conservation planning of historical buildings, meaning I can explore more appropriate ways of protecting Europe’e heritage by means of solar envelopes and other techniques previously only usually seen in connection with modern envelopes to new builds.
Finally by working closely with others I can capture key details in delivering sympathetic restorations. 
By merging state of the art new materials and combining them with old techniques we can hopefully re generate lost craftsmanship skills that would have been lost forever.  We can modernise historical envelopes of buildings, taking energy efficiency to that new level in renovation, but most importantly without ruining the magic of the old. This kind of mindset will hopefully protect some of the best examples in Europe’s heritage for many decades to come.
The charm of a traditional village farmhouse 2014
Historical barn
It is looking at things for a long time that ripens you and gives you a deeper meaning
– Vincent van Gogh.

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