March Update. A Carbon Light Family Home.

The start of the 20% reduction in material Siberian Larch shutters have began. Escalating material & labour costs within the construction industry since the credit crisis is changing the look of design within Architecture. Can we reduce 20% and still achieve a similar performance? Probably. But more so Apocalyptic Architecture has arrived. It couldn’t wait for a natural disaster. 20% Material Reduced Solar Shutters   So is there an architecture that could survive the 21st century apocalypse? Just take a look at some of the necessary characteristics suggested in this post on Survivalist Architecture, via Coffee With An Architect:

  • Energy Efficient Building Envelope – In an environment of scarce resources, the less energy a building requires, the better
  • Passive Solar Orientation – Key to both passive heating and natural daylighting, this is a key element to any survivalist compound
  • Rain Catchment Systems – Let’s face it, there’s no scenario on the table where potable water and sanitary sewer services will remain operational, so a basic greywater system is really a non-negotiable item to any project
  • Green Roof – (Specifically a rooftop garden)  Growing one’s own food is always a good idea, growing one’s own food in a reasonably defensible and concealable location is quite another
  • Solar Power / Photovoltaics – While the likelihood of finding repair parts in a post apocalypse wasteland is slim, the availability of electricity could be particularly useful during the transition period, provided your neighbors don’t know you have it
  • Wind Turbines – Similar to photovoltaics, except everyone will know you have it
  • Long-Life / Low Maintenance Materials – You’re going to be plenty busy dealing with the day to day business of hoarding supplies and scavenging for food, the last thing that’s going to be on your mind is, “When was the last time I cleaned the gutters?”
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Materials – There’s a significant chance you’ll be spending a whole lot of time indoors, the last thing you need is to be dealing with Sick Building Syndrome at the same time

Further reads on Apocalyptic Architecture 


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