August Update. A Carbon Light Family Home.

What with temperatures soaring to 38 degrees in July as well as having only a handful of downpours since May has given us the perfect opportunity to monitor the performance of the 20% material reduction solar shutters.

Sliding Solar Shutters

Sliding Solar Shutters

The two story sliding shutters have remained closed for the duration of the heat wave hitting Germany this Spring/Summer.   Living life behind the shutters has transformed the house into a comfortable, light and airy cool space throughout the day. Opening various windows in the evening pulls the cool air through the building, in effect dropping the inside temperature rapidly to the outside evening temperatures 0f 18-20 degrees.

Unlike todays usual thermal mass homes (Concrete) we worked with an insulation that reduces the longer time lapse of radiant heat in materials. With this house once the morning returns all windows are closed to trap in the cool air salvaged during the evening. The interior temperature stays below 20 well into the afternoon when outside temperature are rising above 30 by mid morning. The house keeps cool solely by natural ventilation, pulling in the cooled air from under the house by means of the floor vents and using the stack effect to continuously pull air upwards and out through the stairwell roof light, creating a controlled draft to cool down the occupants.

Once the evening returns the house is opened to repeat the cooling. The house has no delay with a thermal mass continuously radiating its heat to compete with. Concrete would still be releasing unwanted heat back into the house a week later. This house has shredded all its unwanted heat by early hours of the morning ready to repeat the cool box effect for the next day without the need of any artificial cooling or energy wasted.


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