2015 Canyon Spectral AL 8.0 ex.

My marriage with Orange is finally over, No, thats not actually true. I can’t give up entirely on nearly 20 years of hand built engineering.  So it must be a mid life crisis…….I’m having a fling with a young German bit. A Canyon Spectral and I’m enjoying every minute of it.



4 years ago i was thinking of buying a Canyon for parts. Today i honestly believe its a bike hard to match for the price. Its all to much to digest in one sitting. Not just because of how impressed I am with the ride but the spec on this bike is simply outrageous for the money.
O.k, 1 year later and i’m just getting the rear shock under control. The factory setting CCDB inline  was beautifully posed / balanced, amazingly plush but way to slow and easily swallowing up its travel. Dialling in the 4 way setting helped but somehow lost that perfect balance.  Now by adding volume spacers and changing small increments to its settings I’m getting close to a more linear shock curve.


Why the Spectral 8.0ex


Firstly because it was the only high specification Spectral in stock, Secondly because of its Impeccable build. Canyon had done their homework with this baby.
There’s not one wrongly chosen product on this build.


Rear shock: Cane Creek DB inline
Front shock: RockShox PIKE RCT3 Solo Air
Headset: Cane Creek 40
Chain Guide e.thirteen XCX
Shifter SRAM X0 One Trigger
Brakes: SRAM Guide RS
Cassette: SRAM X01 XG-1195
Wheels: SRAM Roam 50
Tyre front: Maxxis High Roller 2. 2.3
Tyre rear: Maxxis Ardent EXO TR Maxx Terra 2.4
Crank: SRAM S2210 Carbon
Chain ring: 34
Chain: KMC X11 -93
Bottom Bracket: SRAM press kit GXP
Stem: Rental Apex
Handlebars: Renthal Fat Bar
Grips: Ergon GE1
Saddle: SDG Circuit
Seat post: RockShox Reverb Stealth
Making it a lean respectable 12.5kg build.

Its been a year now. The bikes performed better in the Alps than everyday trails. It behaves more like an 140mm Enduro than a what i expected 140mm trail / all-mountain. So with a little more rear shock set-up testing i should be getting close to an affordable perfect ride.




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